Apples storage according to GOST

Correct storage of apples involves the creation of comfortable conditions and preservation of nutrients for a long time.

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Variety of apples for long storage

One of the main conditions of successful long storage of apples is the selection of suitable varieties. The most suitable varieties in this case are late-winter varieties:

  • “Antey”
  • “Alesya”
  • “Belorussian sinap”
  • “Hercules”
  • “Golden delicious”
  • “Darunak”
  • “Jonatan”

Almost all late-winter varieties are resistant to different deseases and high transportability.

Rules of gathering of apples for storage

Apples for long storage must achieve ripeness stage. In order to determine ripeness stage, several parameters are taken into account – color, level of seeds ripeness, age of the fruit. However, fruit hardness is the first sign of ripeness stage. If one of these signs don’t meet GOST, apples storage is not allowed.

Apples gathering is also one of the main conditions of long storage. Forbid to store also damaged and too big fruits, as well as overripe or unripe fruits.

Requirements for refrigerated chambers

In order to create favorable conditions for long storage of apples, it is important not only to sort out fruits but also prepare a chamber.

Cooling radiators need insulation. Before fruits loading, fruit storage is cooled up to -1 °С. After loading, temperature condition is slowly increased, thus preventing the destruction of cell membranes and accordingly the loss of hardness and mellowness.

How to store apples?

Storage of fresh apples should be carried out in accordance with certain conditions. In one room it is recommended to store fruits of one variety. It is very good if fruits have the same level of storeability and ripeness.

In order to increase storeability, it is recommended to do the following. Wash apples with warm water and cover them with special composition, such as vaseline and water, as well as antiseptic and iodopolymer mixtures.

There are many nuances that are necessary to meet when storing apples. So, the length of polyethylene hanging from pallet shouldn’t exceed 0,04 m from each side.

Optimum distance between stock piles – 0,3m. In the precense of air ducts, the distance between them and boxes – 0,8m.

Regarding the walls, in the precense of radiators, the distance between them and stock piles – as minimum 0,8m, in the absence of radiators – 0,3m. The distance between containers – 0,05m.

Terms of apples storage

Temperature of apples storage may vary. Average values – from -1°С to +1 °С. Humidity parameters are 90-95%.

Air circulation is continuous (during cooling) – 30 volumes/hour. After 3 days when the temperature is stable  – 20 volumes/hour (the total time is not more than 6 hours).

Chamber is equipped with equipment which keeps preset temperature and humidity parameters. Industrial steam humidifier is used for humidity regulation.

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