Fresh berries are not intended for long storage. That’s why, such service as construction of refrigerated chambers is very popular in our region.

Our company is engaged in the construction of refrigerated chambers for storage of fruits and vegetables. We design and install refrigerated chambers for storage of grape, potato, apples, berries and so on. Large amount of successefully developed projects in Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan allows us to perform services of any complexity. Do ypu need more information, please call us!

Rules of gathering and storage of berries

One of the main conditions of long-term storage of bluberries is a proper gathering. Berries are gathered in a dry and warm weather. High level of humidity may cause the bacteria development and other deseases.

It is preferable to gather the berries manually or use special devices in order to avoid risk of damages.

Berries don’t ripe fully during storage. It means that it should be gathered when they are fully ripened. Then they are put into special containers in order not to replace them again.

High temperature helps speed up metabolism that may cause loss of nutrients and spoilage of berries. That’s why it is so important to cool them after gathering. Low temperature slows down intercellular processes, prevents generation of pathogenic microorganisms and reduces moisture separation.

It is worth noting that low temperatures ensures the preseravation of initial level of Vitamin C and tanning substances, i.e. the berries preserve not only marketable but also health properties.

Methods of precooling

There are several ways of precooling methods. Most popular method is artificial cooling, hydrocoolingand vacuum processing.

The first method is carried out by means of increase of rate of air flow. For this fans are installed. Air cooling  can be carried out in chambers, tonnels and control temperature transport. Temperature in this case shpuldn’t be lower -1 °С.

Hydrocooling method allows to cool large volumes of products much faster. Specialists recommend to add desinfection substances to water that protect products from chemicals and harmful microorganisms. When using the second method, the percent of products loss is reduced.

Hydrocooling can be carried out both by irrigation and by immersing of bluberries in water.

Hydrocooling for packaged berries can be carried out only providing that the berries are vacuum-packed.

Vacuum cooling is the most effective method. It is carried out by means of specialized equipment – vacuum air coolers.

After cooling blueberries are put into refrigerated chambers for permanent storage with stable temperature and humidity which are kept due to air exchange system.

If you need quick freezing of berries, in this case it is better to use fluidization freezers, which characterized by high speed of freezing.

Secrets of blueberries storage

Before putting products, the chamber is desinfected and ventilated. They should be placed so that nothing prevents intensive air circulation and its further unloading.

Temperature of storage may vary from -0,5 to +0,5 °С. If you increse temperature up to +2-4 °С, it will negatively affect to storage life. Humidity – 85-87%. Container must be coated with polyethylene. Ratio of air circulation is according to GOST – 30-50 volumes/hour.

Equipment for storage

Different refrigeration units are used for storage of berries. During the whole process our employyes are in close coordination with customer. They take nto account all requirements for interior design and cost of the system. Make use of our services and you will be pleased with the result of our services!

There are several methods of blueberry storage:

  • controlled atmosphere chambers. Control ability of composition of atmosphere and change of percent of oxygene and carbon dioxide ratio that helps to create perfect conditions for long storage.
  • pallet systems are mainly designed for storage of berries. Different kinds of berries can be placed on comfortable trays, preserving initial tastiness and aroma for a long time.
  • traditional refrigerated chambers is the most popular method. Chamber is equipped according to customer’s financial possibilities.

Chambers are cooled by means of specialized equipment -air coolers and compressor unit. The first ones are installed indoors, the second ones are installed outdoors. Thanks to automation control system, the process of maintenance of preset temperature and humidity parameters is simplified.

Storage life of bluberries

Storage life depends on several factors – purpose, temperature, humidity, quality of gathering. Bluberries intended for use in unprocessed form at a temperature not above +0,5 °С and humidity 85% are stored up to  7 days.

When keeping temperature conditions, they can be stored more than 2-3 weeks. However, the quality of products is worsen.

Experts in the field of cold supply system

UzHolod Company provides services in the field of cold supply system in a professional level. In the course of our activity we have really become experts at our job who can implement project of any complexity. Design of refrigerated chambers and cold stores, selection and installation of equipment, test and commissioning works – are not full list of services implemented by our specialists.

In our company you can order construction of chambers for storage of berries (on a turnley basis). You can also have a chance to control the whole process from the beginning to the end.

For more detailed information, contact us. We work all over Uzbekistan – Bukhara, Navoi, Samarkand, Djizzak and other cities.