Design is the most important stage in the project development of cold stores. In our company the design of cold stores is implemented by experienced specialists according to the individual technical task of the customer.

Before the beginning of project works, we carry out the selection of space planning decision, in which customer takes an active part. This allows at the initial stage to take into account all features of the future cold store and determine refrigeration chambers planning and equipment layout.

Design of cold stores in Uzholod is:

  • Individual project of cold store includes cold store layout, climate conditions, general plan, type of product, as well as requirements and financial possibilities of the customer.
  • Competent estimate of heat input and equipment selection of the required capacity.
  • Free consultation on modern technologies of freezing and storage of products.
  • Besides cooling system we also offer humidification system, controlled atmosphere system, air filtration and other systems for increasing of storage life and presrvation of marketable condition of products.
  • During the design the customer is offered several options of refrigeration equipment for cold supply system. We also recommend best manufacturers of consumable materials and technologic equipment.
  • Best price for the design of cold store.
  • Observance of all construction rules and regulations.
  • Full range of services for the construction of cold stores.

For competent design of cold store you must provide the following documents

  • Sheme of cold store with approximate location of refrigerated chambers.
  • The floor area of cold store.
  • Number of refrigerated chambers and indoor air temperature.
  • Type of products which will be stored in refrigerated chambers.
  • Other questions, which will arise during the project development.

Call us and order the design of cold stores and refrigeration chambers. We answer all your questions.


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