provides a full range of services for refrigeration chambers and equipment for maintenance of necessary conditions of products storage (temperature, humidity, atmospheric composition). Our specialists carry out the design of controlled atmosphere system for refrigeration chambers.

We will select a suitable equipment, determine the best arrangement of equipment in your cold store. If you plan to build only a cold store with controlled atmosphere, our engineer designers will design for you all refrigeration chambers. If you already have a cold store and want to equip it with controlled atmosphere, we will recommend you high quality equipment and tell where you can order controlled atmosphere system.

More detailed information about technologies of storage in controlled atmosphere you can find in our website, in the section technologies of storage >> controlled atmosphere

Advantages of cooperation with our company

  1. Our highly qualified engineer designers will develop a competent project.
  2. Our specialists have a great experience in the field of installation of equipment and construction of refrigeration chambers, so you will avoid problems during project development.
  3. Affordable price and flexible discount system for regular customers.
  4. Guarantee of quality and reliability of our project. We guarantee that controlled atmosphere systems, installed according to our project will provide a desirable composition of atmosphere in the chamber.
  5. In our company you can order a full range of services from project to commissioning works.

Advantages of this technology

  • Long storage life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Preservation of marketable condition.
  • Preservation of tastiness and natural color.

If you have any questions, call our company. Due to controlled atmosphere system, you will increase storage life of your products 2-3 times.


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