In our website you will find all necessary information on freezing technology of fruits, vegetables, storage methods and necessary equipment.

UzHolod Company provides a wide range of services in the field of cold supply system.

We are engaged in the design and assembling of refrigerated chambers, construction of cold stores, installation of industrial and commercial refrigeration units, repair and maintenance of technologic refrigeration equipment.

We work all over Uzbekistan: Samarkand, Bukhara, Navoi, Djizzak, Urgench and other cities.

One of the main activities of our company are:

  • design of cold stores and controlled atmosphere chambers;
  • assembling and reconstruction of cold stores;
  • Equipment selection for cold storehouses, supermarkets, distribution centers;
  • Installation of shock freezing chambers;
  • Sale of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment;
  • Repair of refrigeration units;
  • Maintenance of refrigeration units.

Our specialists are experts at their job who will design the efficient cold supply system and successfully carry out it.

We also develop customized projects that allows to take into account all customer’s requirements and demands.

During project development we also take into account all generally-accepted norms and standards. This means that the refrigerated chamber designed by us will maintain temperature that is necessary for cooling, freezing, storage of one or other products. Competent setting of parameters reduces power consumption thus minimizing system cost.

In the course of our activity we have made a good showing and entered into cooperation with reliable manufacturers of specialized equipment.

UzHolod Company provides a long-term guarantee both for refrigeration and freezing units and internal details – piston and screw compressors, control boards, air condensers, sensors, controllers and so on.

Cost of refrigerating or freezing chamber depends on such parameters as manufacturing material, thickness and type of boards connection, internal equipment.

To know cost of project and get more detailed information, contact us: +998 (98) 128-04-02; +998 (71) 207-41-11


After representation all necessary information, our project department develop a sketch project, make complex calculations and select a suitable equipment. Great experience in the field of design of cold stores, freezing tunnels and shock freezing chambers allow us to perform services in a professional level.


Our specialists will not only design a reliable cold supply system but also deliver a full package of all necessary documents and equip a refrigeration chamber. Equipment is selected according to size and purpose of the chamber as well as project budget.


Uzholod is a multibusiness company. We will not only develop a project for refrigerated chamber, cold store, shock freezing chamber or controlled atmosphere chamber, our qualified specialists will also carry out installation and commissioning as well as repair and maintenance of industrial refrigeration equipment.


Refrigeration equipment repair masters will carry out a detailed diagnostic, determine cause of malfunction and eliminate it. During repair we use only high quality parts from famous manufacturers. Thanks to it we provide a long-term guarantee for all kinds of repair and commissioning works.

You can conclude a contract with our company for one-time or annual maintenance of industrial and commercial equipment as well as to make use of such services as general maintenance of refrigeration units, central refrigerating plants and other cold supply systems. For more detailed information, call us +998 (71) 207 41 11 or send your request via feedback form.