Potato storage

Potato storage is the most relevant issue for our region. How to preserve the freshness, what the temperature is most desirable for storage, period of storage, how to reduce the natural loss of mass are of course a not full list of relevant issues for those who engage in the sale of fruits and vegetables.

If you want to create favorable conditions for storage of potato or you want to order refrigerated chamber, call Uzholod.uz Company! We are always ready to help you. We specialize in the design and installation of refrigerated chambers, with the help of which you can reduce the percent of products spoilage and increase amount of profit.

What kind of potato is ideal for storage?

One of the most important conditions of long storage with minimum loses is the choice of “proper” potato. It must be clean and dry.  If it is wet, it should be carefully dried.

Mentioned below potatoe varieties are ideal for storage:

  • “Picasso”;
  • “Juravinka”;
  • “Asterix”;
  • “Lorh”;
  • “Temp”;
  • “Nikulinskiy”;
  • “Nevskiy”.

For storage it is better to prefer the varieties of late ripening (period of storage is 90-140 days), which contains a large amount of carbohydrate. They can be stored for a long time and have a high protection from various deseases.

Stages of potatoes storage

Process of storage can be divided into two stages: therapeutic and long-term. Therapeutic stage involves regeneration of damages received during gathering. For this process it is necessary to keep a temperature up to 15-20 °С and air humidity – 90-95%. It is also important to ventilate the room during 30 minutes. This stage lasts 15 days.

When long-term storage, temperature in the chamber should be slowly reduced up to 3-5 °С and relative humidity – 80-90%.

During one week of long-term storage, the chamber should be ventilated every day. Then it is necessary to carry out every three days. Continuous ventilation may cause the lose of humidity and accordingly its dryness.

Refrigerated chamber of industrial type can provide favorable conditions for storage of potato. Lack of ventilation system will lead to potato darkness.

Modern automation system will help to adjust the work so that the process of fresh air intake and exhaust air withdrawal is carried out in a certain time.

Necessary conditions for potato storage

Regarding storage, there are two methods of storage – in containers and in bulk. In the first case the potato is put into the boxes with the height not more than 5,5 m. It will help to make easy the process of unloading and improve the quality of storage.

It is important! Potato shouldn’e be stored together with fruits and vegetables that require another temperature and humidity parameters for storage.

Bulk storage method involves placing the potatoes in a continuous layer 5 m high. There is no need in containers, however it requires regular ventilation.

Storage life of potato

Storage life depends on the method of cooling. So, when natural cooling, the potato can be stored for half year, when natural – 8-12 months. It also depends on variety and climate conditions of the region.

Before unloading the potato is gradually heated, as frozen vegetables are exposed to mechanical damages.

Construction of refrigerated chambers in Tashkent

Construction of chambers for storage of potatoes is one of the main activities of our company. We provide such services as design, complex calculations, equipment selection.

After drawing up the sketch design, we begin the construction of refrigerated chamber. The area for installation of refrigerated chamber must be perfectly flat. It provides a high efficiency of equipment and alows to avoid its premature failure.

Our specialists are well versed in the construction of refrigerated chambers of different size. Make use of our company services and you will avoid problems, which you can encounter during the construction.

The next stage is carcasing from metall and thermal insulation. As thermal insulation material it is better to use panels made of penopolyurethane.

After carcasing, we carry out pipelaying and then the installation of ventilation system and refrigeration equipment. The final stage is system test and commissioning works.

It is also important to pay attention to automation storage process. We cooperate with direct and relaible suppliers of automation systems. Installation of board with several sensors will allow to adjust indoor temperature and cahnge it if necessary.

Why choose us?

There are many companies that specialize in the construction of refrigerated chambers in Tashkent. Advantages of Uzholod.uz Company:

  • assembly of refrigerated chambers on a turnkey basis;
  • compliance with generally accepted construction norms and regulations;
  • individual approach to each project (project development, approval of each stage, equipment selection);
  • equipment, parts and insulation materials from the best manufacturers;
  • representation of finance report for each stage of work;
  • range of additional services – diagnosis, repair and maintenance of equipment.

Refrigerated chambers for long storage of potato from Uzholod.uz Company is the start to success of your business. Contact us just now and make use of our services!