Shock freezing is used in the whole world for freezing of huge amount of food products: fish, meat, semi-finished products, bakery products, cut fruits and vegetables and even ready meals are frozen according to this technology.


  • fast freezing provides productivity of enterprise several times;
  • preservation of tastiness. Thanks to fast freezing, the moisture is crystallized evenly. The crystalls are so small that they don’t disturb the fiber structere of the product.
  • Space saving.

Shock freezing in Uzbekistan

This method of freezing in Uzbekistan has become popular recently, but this technology becomes more popular every year. There are many frozen products in refrigerated display case, here you can also find frozen pilaf. The pilaf is frozen according to this technology so that to increase storage life and preserve tastiness.

If you need shock freezing, call our company! We have been engaged in the design of refrigerated chambers and shock freezing chambers for many years.

Range of use of shock freezing technology

Production and sale of semi-finished products: dumplings, perogies, patties etc.

Freezing of berries, cut fruits and vegetables for sale or for own technological production. They are bought not only in winter but also in summer when they are peeled, cut and washed.

Freezing of fish and poultry is actively used in Uzbekistan, as they are quickly spoiled. Most of shock freezing chambers, built by our specialists, are for these products.

Shock freezing is also used in bakeries, restaurants and other catering establishments. Many dishes in restaurants can be stored not more than 2-3 hours (according to sanitary norms) , while frozen products in shock freezing chambers can be stored for half an year. Sauses, soups, pizza are frozen in shock freezing chambers for a long time.

In bakeries different pastries are frozen in shock freezing chambers cooked by 80%. A few days or weeks later, you can put it in the oven and bake it in 10 minutes, preserving its tastiness. Many cafes and restaurants use this technology, reducing products loses by 100%, because all the pastries are sold before storage life expiration.