When storing wild berry, it is necessary to take into account to observe all collection rules, packing, transportation and storage. All these rules are prescribed in GOST – a document that is mandatory for familiarization for those who plan to preserve initial shape, color and aroma of this berry.

Rules of gathering

The first stage of long storage life is gathering according to all rules. It is better to gather berries early in the morning and dry weather. Moistness can cause spoilage of berries. Stem must be cut very carefull, leaving 1 sm from the stem.

Wild berry for further treatment can be picked without cups. Berries for further use are picked with cuts and stems. It is also necessary to choose container for package. It will help to avoid repackage, which increases the risk of berries spoilage. The distance between boxes must be not less than 2 sm.

Treatment and preparation of berries for storage

Wild berry is spoiled very quickly, therefore after its gathering, it is subjected to precooling in order to remove heat. These boxes should be cooled within 2-3 hours.

When packing, It is necessary to provide free space for air circulation. There must be wood covering or wide tray under the boxes.

Optimum conditions of storage

In order to preserve initial aroma, color and shape, it is necessary to create favorable conditions in refrigerated chamber.

Optimum temperature condition is from 0 °С to +2,5 °С. Max. temperature condition – +6 °С.

Indicator of relative humidity – 85-90%. Circulation system must provide stable preset temperature and humidity, as well as uniform cooling of the whole refrigerated chamber.

Storage life of wild berry

Storage life of berries is short. Wild berry at the temperature not above 0 °С is stored from 3 to 8-9 days. When rising temperature parameters, storage life is decreased. For example, if temperature is too high (+6 °С), berries will be stored during 1-2 days.

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